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Complete Septic Tank Services in Interlake, Manitoba

A good septic system is essential to treat wastewater in an effective and efficient way. Interlake Water Supply Co Ltd ensures that our septic systems are durable and help maintain the integrity of the environment as well as its surroundings. Our team of professionals offers the following services:

  • Septic field installation, repairs, & servicing
  • Septic holding tank installation

  • Septic holding tank and field systems

Give us a call today to get an estimate for residential, commercial, or industrial projects.

Why Do You Need Septic Tank Services

A functioning septic tank is important for the proper disposal and treatment of wastewater. It helps to prevent your septic tank from overflowing, getting clogged, or causing other problems. The best way to prevent future costly repairs is by getting them periodically serviced by professionals. Our experienced team at Interlake Water Supply Co Ltd is always ready to ensure your septic system runs without any issues.

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